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The Gold Rush

When the phrase Gold Rush is mentioned most people think of the California Gold Rush of 1849. There have, however, been many gold rushes in the US and throughout the world. Some big, some small. A gold rush usually starts with the discovery of placer gold in a creek. When word spreads people show up to stake a claim and process dirt with relativly simple and cheap methods. The prospectors typically start off with panning and transition to using rocker boxes and sluices to process more material. The gold found is often used as currency among the gold prospectors and in the town that usually pops up to support them. Eventually, companies may come in with the money and knowledge necessary to construct dams and process the deposits with dredging and hydraulic mining. If the source of the placer gold is found, called the lode, hardrock mining usually takes place.

Gold Rushes Throughout History

Georgia Gold Rush of 1829 California Gold Rush of 1849 Victorian Gold Rush of 1851 Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 Porcupine Gold Rush of 1909
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