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Porcupine Gold Rush

Ontario Canada
The Porcupine gold rush begain in 1909 in Ontario Canada, with the area had first having been explored for the fur trade. There were hints that gold was present in the area but the remote location kept it unexploited. A push north by the T&NO Railroad and discovery of silver in Cobalt, Ontario in 1903 led the way for the Porcupine gold rush. Between 1906 and 1908 several teams of prospectors searched the Porcupine area for gold finding plenty of quartz outcroppings with gold, but in too small quantities to make it worthwile. In 1909 George Bannerman and partner Tom Geddes returned from the Porcupine area with samples that drew a crowd. At this point there were plenty of teams, backed by investors, finding major gold veins. By 1910 there were thousands of prospectors coming into the area, but the hard rock mining meant that individual prospectors were unable to make a profit. Large mining companies were formed and most of the prospectors were employees of these companies. The Porcupine area still produces gold and in terms of gold produced it has been the largest gold rush with over 67 million ounces mined up to 2001.
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