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Where to Pan for Gold

They say the best way to find gold is to go where it has already been found. Which means to look in areas known to produce gold. Most public land it open to prospecting but you must research the area you intend visit to be certain. You must also check for existing claims and restrictions on the types of equipment you can use.

Good places to go gold panning are public or recreational gold mining sites. These are areas that are withdrawn to claims and open for everyone. Although some do have fees and you still must research the area to determine what kinds of prospecting equipment is allowed.

The best way to get started in gold prospecting is to join a club. The largest and most well-known being the GPAA. However, I suggest joining a local, smaller club. Gold prospecting clubs usually have claims for their members to use but more importantly they are a great resource for information. Information on where to go, equipment restrictions, local regulations, etc. And when you're ready you should be able to find someone in your club to help you with filing your own mining claim.

But before you go out to the creek and start panning for gold you should try it at home. Get a gold pan a tub of water and some paydirt and practice until you are comfortable that you won't loose gold out of your pan when you get out to the river. Read How To Pan For Gold for some good gold panning tips.

Click your state below for information on recreational gold panning sites, local clubs and links to local resources.

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If you have any information to add on where to find gold I'd love to hear it. Send me an email at thanks.
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